A closer look at the work of Chris Noessel: The countdown to UXLx

In the countdown to visiting the UXLx Conference in Lisbon this May, I’ve been reading a lot about the speakers to help inspire me even before I enter the venue.

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What’s Hurting Your Conversions?

Congratulations! People are visiting your website and if you’ve done your SEO and marketing right, it’s not by accident.

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8 ways to create the perfect Registration Form

Ever since businesses went online and started taking the web seriously, Registration Forms have been vital. While they could be considered the first barrier to an online sale, they’re essential for any business that wants to maintain a relationship with a customer.

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Girls in STEM

Today is International Woman's Day. I thought it appropriate to share our experiences when Jennifer, a transition year student, who joined our digital agency in February for work experience.  

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What’s on offer at this year’s UXLx Conference

So we’re off to UXLx in Lisbon this May, a User Experience Conference where some of the best UX professionals from all over the world come to share their experience, knowledge and ideas to inspire people in the industry - like me!

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Accenture Digital Media Awards 2016

Armed with our own agency and client nominations for KBC Bank and eir we headed down to the Double Tree by Hilton, Dublin to see what it was all about last Friday.

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Leaders' Insights: John Mitchell, Strata3

John Mitchell is the managing director of Strata3 and recently spoke to Silicon Republic about his leadership Insights

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Vote KBC Bank for Kentico Site of the Year

At Strata3 we believe partnerships are important. We have selected industry leading technology to help us deliver best in class solutions. Working with leading enterprise content management system providers like Kentico helps us eliver reliable and measured results for Strata3 and our clients.

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The definitive guide to hiring an enterprise level website design & development agency

When it comes to redesigning your website, you need to start from the foundations up. Yes, you need expressive flair, but you also need to strategise and question everything. Start with why are you redesigning? What are your objectives?

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The UX Implications of the Carousel

If you go online to book a flight, peruse the menu of your local restaurant or just to buy socks there’s a good chance you’ll come across a large carousel banner sitting at the top of the page. And when you do happen on one of these carousels you will most likely just ignore it and go on about your business.

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Strata3 finalists in the Digital Media Awards 2016

Now in its twelfth year the Accenture Digital Media Awards are the most prestigious Digital Awards in Ireland. They recognise creativity and innovation across multiple areas of an ever evolving sector which includes digital content creation, advertising and marketing, mobile media, app development, social networking, web design and development.

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What about your content?

Since the first days of the Internet people have literally been dumping ‘stuff’ on websites without thinking about it at all.

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The myth of the fold in web design

So what’s all this talk about ‘the fold’?

‘The fold’ in the context of web design refers simply to the space at the top of a web page that a user can see before they have to scroll.

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Build a great search functionality on your site

It usually lies forgotten in the upper right corner of your website. But your website’s search function can be a great ally in providing users with easier access to your content.

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3 ways to service big brand websites

Corporate, big brand websites, especially transactional sales channels, are never steady-state.  They are constantly changing to meet new customer needs, product and service enhancements, site releases, and evolving technology and as such require ongoing maintenance resources.

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What impact does photography have on websites?

Since the time we are born, images play an important role in how we assimilate information and understand how the world around us works. Even very early on in our lives, we are able to interpret the emotions behind images. A baby can’t understand words spoken in anger, but an angry facial expression gets a response. As we grow older our emotional response to images becomes well embedded and we become equipped with predictable emotions and responses to particular images, positive or negative. 

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10 things developers need to know about Kentico

Kentico is a very powerful and easy to use CMS (Content Management System). But for developers who log on to the Admin panel for the first time, it can be confusing and daunting trying to figure out exactly where to start off. 

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The Difficulty of Simplicity, The Simplicity of Drupal

There’s nothing more difficult than keeping it simple. It takes more effort, more strategy, more time, more thought. It’s an ideal so challenging it led Picasso to remark, ‘It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child’ – and it’s an approach that has merit in every walk of life, from the arts to the sciences and everything in between.

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Did the Web Summit change for the better over the years?

Costing €90, my first ‘Dublin’ Web Summit experience took place in a packed theatre in Trinity College in February 2010. Over a mere three hours, Craig Newmark from Craiglist and Matt Mullenweg from Wordpress shared their stories as local and international successes stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Fred Carlsson from DoneDeal.ie and Colm Lyon from Realex.

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Does A/B Testing Work?

As UX designers we get asked to solve a lot of different problems for our clients. Sometimes they are looking to increase overall sales on their site, other times they just want to optimise a single form to improve specific conversion rates.

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What is UX Design?

 You’ve probably seen the letters ‘UX’ written in countless articles online, but do you know what UX Design is?

UX stands for ‘User Experience’ but what does that mean exactly? Simply put it means designing a website or product for your users that endeavours to create a pleasurable experience through better usability, interaction and design.

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Most Common Analytics Misconceptions

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful business tools available to you but it is also one of the most misunderstood. As much as we like to think that Analytics collects the objective, impartial truth, common myths, mistakes, and errors in interpreting the data undermines its business value.

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How being Responsive helps your SEO

Rightly or wrongly, ‘Responsive’ has become the byword for having a mobile-friendly website - but when you’re going mobile, there’s more to consider than just how your site will look. As you consider responsive, you should also look at your site’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

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Analytics are great - actions are better. How to start using analytics to build your business.

Google Analytics. We Love it. Yes we hold our hands right up. We love it.

The thought of analytics actually makes me smile, I could go on for hours. Why am I so crazy about it? It’s either right or wrong, there's no blurred lines, the numbers, graphs and reports are right there in front of you. Gone are the days where business decisions where based on estimates, educated guesses, forecasts or even worse, ‘feelings’.

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White space is not your enemy!

White space or negative space is the area between the elements of a design. This space doesn’t need to be white in colour and can help transform a website completely.

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Is your CMS Hampering your SEO Performance?

If, like me, you end up reading countless articles about SEO you’ll notice that these usually have two themes:

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The five traits every modern designer must have

A few years ago, in the pre-digital era, the design profession used to, largely, black and white. You, for the most part, were either a graphic designer or industrial designer. These days, things are less monochromatic, among our colleagues we count web, digital, content, user experience, interaction, and whatever designers - there are far more shades of grey in design.

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Using Mobile PPC to Prop up Poor SEO

In Ireland a real struggle that SMB’s have come across time after time is how to make themselves known online. From Sandra the Hairdresser to Mick the manufacturer all SMB’s need to have an online presence. For the most part, this presence is typically achieved through two approaches, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC).

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Shortlisted Best Agency at eir Spiders 2015

We are thrilled to be shortlisted for Best Large Agency of the Year at the upcoming eir Spider Awards 2015.  Our approach and key differentiator as a professional services company is to deliver measurable, commercially-successful and user-centric online channels for our clients. These awards help demonstrate our core principles across a number of categories.

Our client Cpl are also shortlisted for their responsive website launched on the Kentico platform.

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Content Marketing for SMBs - The Why & The How

The buzz around Content Marketing has gone into overdrive since Google changed the way it prioritises it search results.

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What does space exploration and website design have in common?

Inspirefest 2015, was a three day international event connecting professionals interested in the future of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Although we had been watching the planning and plotting of Inspire Fest from afar, it was a last minute decision to attend. We were so glad we made it though, it didn't disappoint. 

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Sockies 2015

We’re always looking for an excuse to get suited and booted at Strata3 HQ and last weeks' Sockies was no exception. We were delighted to sponsor the ‘Use of Facebook by Medium + Business (In-House Team Managed)’ category.

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3XE Digital Content & Social Media Marketing Conference

It was a good solid lineup for the 3XE Digital conference in Croke Park on May 19th. Some of my favourite speakers which are worth noting were Andrew McNulty from ICAN, Shenda Loughnane from iProspect, Graham Barry from Google, Claire Burge and Jon Lombardo from Linkedin. Each of these speakers discussed something that was of value about the current and future growth of the digital and content world.

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